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Meet Our Director - Gavin Moss

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Chifley advisory is led by Gavin Moss. Gavin has been actively involved in Voluntary Administrations, Liquidations and Receiverships covering a diverse range of business and industries.

Gavin Moss is a Chartered Accountant with a career in the insolvency industry spanning over 20 years and includes a range of high profile corporate insolvency matters.

Chifley Advisory was in NSW Top 3 for Voluntary Administrations of 2017 and continued that success in 2018 and is now looking at (and hopeful of) an improved industry ranking for 2019.

"Chifley adds the solve in Insolvency"

Chifley Advisory are experts in Insolvency solutions, our mantra is to "Put the solve in Insolvency" and we make that happen, time and again. 

Through years of experience and a team of professionals at the forefront of finance industry initiatives, Gavin and his team are more than qualified to handle your financial requirements with the knowledge and respect your business deserves.

With a diverse team of experts in insolvencies, business reconstruction, legal, finance and more, Chifley Advisory offers a wide range of specifically tailored solutions that meet your business financial obligations.

For more detailed information regarding your Insolvency or Liquidation, give Gavin and his team a call at Chifley Advisory today.

Call 02 8075 1000

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