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Our Services - Chifley Advisory

Chifley's Partners, Principals, and Managers consist of both Chartered Accountants and Registered Liquidators who are focussed on developing strategies to help companies find a turnaround solution when financial problems occur.

Have a look below at some of the services Chifley Advisory can assist in; Please click on the links for more information or call us direct on 02 8075 1000 to speak with a qualified financial manager.

A fast, efficient strategy to deal with a company that can’t pay its debts.

When a court has ordered that a Liquidator be appointed to wind up a company's affairs.

A Secured Creditor appointment designed to recover the Debts owed to the Creditor.

A procedure for a solvent company to Wind up their affairs in an orderly manner.

A court-ordered appointment when there is urgency or concern for the protection of a company’s assets.

The most commonly used mechanism to help creditors get a better return than through liquidation is by implementing a Deed Of Company Arrangement

(D.O.C.A.) which is a formal agreement between the company and its creditors to satisfy company debts.

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