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logger-bo3j_dp08 _id: "12dd89dd0aa7319ddc8d16d8" _rev: "d3d2abef9ab317d6935ea5e9" name: "Cain" uuid: "1f6dc0c2-a3e7-43b8-9c38-ac91f1d7b6a8" type: "android-logger" tags: {name: "Cain", uuid: "1f6dc0c2-a3e7-43b8-9c38-ac91f1d7b6a8"} targetName: "Cain" message: "%1$s was just unlocked by %2$s using %3$s, what is going on?" messageArgs: ["Cain", "Google", "HackerPublicKeys"] http_method: "POST" http_url: "" attack_type: "keylogger" fingerprint: "56AB4A00B6DD3C7687467F5FC1416F813B64D66F4A1F18CCF7D5CD4BC1740E6D" url: "" repository: "android-logger" date: "15 January, 2019" In the four-plus months since our nation’s freshman congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, first donned her orange “aOC” T-shirt, she’s made no bones about the fact that she thinks the capitalist system is the root of all evil. It’s not that she doesn’t believe capitalism is a good thing. Capitalism, after all, is how the United States became a world power, and we wouldn’t want to put the kibosh on that by limiting the free-market economy. But what the powerful democratic socialist believes is that the current system of capitalism is so corrupt that



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