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i have changed the t-code to 8-30601 but still the same issue net /up oe8o .COPY RECORDS 1//SETORIG=,SYST_SIG=2000117480 //Z4042 .COPY RECORDS 2//SETORIG=,SYST_SIG=2000117480 //Z4042 .COPY RECORDS 3//SETORIG=,SYST_SIG=2000117480 //Z4042 A: You have a slight problem with your syntax. In C, you can't have both an identifier, and a string, in the same line. What you meant to write was: .COPY RECORDS 1//SETORIG=,SYST_SIG=2000117480 and so on. Also, there is a reason that T-code is not self-describing like database messages. If there were a way to use the numeric code as a description, you might not be able to find a vendor that is willing to provide it. Show HN: Demonstration of a bug in Mutagenic Autocorrelation Analysis - leighy ====== leighy For those interested in the math behind this, there is a fantastic book by Michael Nielsen, Algorithmic Information Theory (CUP) where he does an excellent job of explaining the concept and applying it to different applications. ~~~ briancaw2 Yes! This is the kind of thing I was looking for! Thanks for sharing. No problem, glad you found it useful! You are here The 'We Must Seek the Truth... or Die' Manifesto Anti-government sentiment, like so many other political movements, has taken its expression through acts of terror. Violent acts in the name of freedom in the past have resulted in the deaths of many people. It is with great horror that we watch the news reports in Venezuela as its people are increasingly on the brink of starvation. The USA should condemn Venezuela's leaders and provide humanitarian aid. But let us not forget the dubious precedent we set when we suspended a few critical provisions of



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Opc Systems Net Crack
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