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Steve employs an empathetic, pragmatic and honest approach when dealing with clients and plays an essential role in the service we provide to clients. Often legal terminology can be intimidating for non-lawyers but clients can feel at ease knowing that Steve will discuss their matters with them in simple terms. Steve quickly builds confidence and trust in clients.

Having contact with a Insolvency firm shouldn’t be a traumatizing event and there is no reason for our clients to feel uneasy about an initial consultation.


Steve understands that each client is unique in their needs. This helps him to understand how to best serve each client ensuring that we think beyond and enables us to provide cutting edge solutions.


This helps to ensure that our client’s experience with our firm is seamlessly comfortable from the moment contact occurs with our office.

Steve’s experience stems from the following:

  • 15 years in the building and construction industry, 

  • Knowing first-hand the struggles small businesses experience

  • 10 years of experience in a commercial and insolvency law firm

  • Assisted over 3,000 companies during the past 20 years

  • Over 10 years in an Insolvency accounting firm as a Consultant and advising on corporate structures and asset protection to SMEs

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